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LIVE Classes to purchase so you can fit your yoga class into your day at a time that suits you!  Each class is £5.00.

Dive Into Quietude

A 90 minute vinyasa class focusing on forward bends to still the mind and to revitilize!

Two images below are detailed in the podcast so please ensure that you're familiar with them before you begin.....

Supta Padangustasana Variation & Garuda Mudra



Everyday Holds The Potential For Beauty

A 90 min Vinyasa Class with the focus of moving beyond the physical and sparkling with joy!


Turning Towards The Light!

A 90 min vinyasa class that aims to stay true to the inner essence of steadfastness but also teaches how to expand & fill with light.  Once we have this down, even off our mat we can stay balanced & centred.

Please ensure you are familiar with the pratice of Kapalabhati before you begin.



Real Joy, Right Now

A 90min vinyasa class recorded on the eve of the full moon in May 2010.  The theme of the class is finding contentment & joy!

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