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Walking Meditation

A 10 min walking meditation practice to find steady ground in your body & mind.

A short guided meditation to remind us of our interconnectedness to each other and everything around us.

You are not alone!

Come join the Online Blue Lotus Yoga & Ritual Community where you have access to all live and streamed classes, meditations and lunar rituals.

Join me for a grounding and settling 30 min relaxation practice to help overcome feelings of fear, uncertainty and worry.

You'll need a warm, cozy, quiet space and any yoga props to help you feel comfortable ie. mat, blanket, eye pillow etc.

Stay Safe

Enjoy x

New Beginnings

After a year long hiatus my podcasts are back!

New Beginnings  seems an appropriate way to return and also celebrate the New Moon in Pisces together with Maha Shivatri.

This is a 90 min Intermediate class (with lots of options/krama steps)


Recorded in March '19 to celebrate the Great Night of Shiva and the dance of the Ananda Tandeva.

Dance into the fire of this 90 min practice and transform what needs to be released and make space for what is emerging.

The Opening Chant:

Om Namah Shivaya Gurave
Saccidananda Murtaye
Nisprapancaya Shantaya
Niralambaya Tejase

 I open my heart to the power of Grace
That lives in us as goodness
That never is absent and radiates peace
And lights the way to transformation

A 15 min meditation to connect you to your breath & the stillness and steadiness at your centre.

Grab your props and necessary support so that you can sit comfortably!


Flowing into Grace

A 90 min Improvers flow that focus's on meeting all experience and emotion with acceptance.

Recorded early Dec'18 on the run up towards the Christmas holidays in this yin yang practice we learn to take up residence in all parts of ourself and simply breathe into the experience. We learn to let go of expectation, trying to create a particular result or suppress a specific emotion, instead we acknowledge it all - the steadiness and the restlessness, the discontentment and the joy. For it is from this place we can rest into Grace, even if it is a little uncomfortable or chaotic around us!

Perfect practice for the Holiday season!


Solstice Blessings My Friends!

Here is my midsummer offering for you to help you take a scared pause and reflect on this cycle of light as we tip across the threshold in to the yin phase of the year - here in the northern hemisphere, at least.

Grab comfy blankets and journal, make your space cozy and get settled for a yoga nidra practice and quiet contemplation.


Slow Mo Flow

At this New Moon juncture its time to stop 'doing' and rest! Give time and space for your heart felt intentions and visions to take shape....

This practice will help slow you right down so that you can listen inwards and recieve the wisdom of your heart.


Love this?...Come over to the Blue Lotus Yogis Facebook group where I share LIVE practice and Mediatations the https://www.facebook.com/groups/2144353249143310/

After over doing it in the garden this past weekend this is a short 30 min practice that I used to release my lower back and rebaalnce my body!

You will need a yoga brick, yoga strap, blanket, bolster (if you have one) and some wall space.

Hope it works well for you! Enjoy!

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