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My festive gift.....10 (well, 12 if I'm honest!) minutes to steadiness!

A super short practice to help to realign, reset and regenerate even in the hecticness of the holidays!

Happy Christmas!!!!


A super short (Just 8 mins!) Meditation that connects you with the natural forest world and your own intuition.

Namaste xxx


In this intermediate 90 min class we work with heart liberating back bends and the courageous energy of Kali. Fearlessly going into the dark space at the back of the heart to undo the knots and unravel the binds that hold us back from living our lives to the fullest.

Big thanks to my teacher, Sianna Sherman, for the Vira Namaskar sequence!


Yoga Nidra

As requested from Therapy Thursday on my Facebook Page - Blue Lotus Yoga with Jill Amison - Here is an 18 min restorative yoga nidra. 

Perfect to use pre-bedtime to relax, after work so you can move into home time de-stressed or perhaps even during a flight when travelling.

Ensure you retreat to a silent space where you won't be disturbed and are warm and comfortable.

This 80 minute class was recorded at the Beginners Flow at the beginning of Maha Navratri.  This festival that celebrates the Goddess is a festival of nine nights: the first 3 nights in reverence to Durga, then days 4-6 Sri Lakshmi and days 7-9 Saraswati.

As the festival had just begun, this class celebrates Durga. She who helps us overcome fear and doubt by reconnecting to our courage, tenacity and fearless hearts. Step up with her battle cry - 'YES, I CAN' 

A short 15 min pranayama and visualisation practice that is perfect for de-stressing whilst travelling or creating a mini escape if you're on stay-cation! Enjoy!


A 15 minute contemplation with the power of the Masculine energy of the Sun and the Divine Feminine of the Full Moon.  Clear out space within and set your intentions for manifestation and actualization!

Blessed Be!!!

Igniting the fire within to help us burn off the sluggishness of winter so that we arrive in the new season of Spring with warrior spirit and the ability to see clearly the next right action for our path.

75 mins

Go with the Flow

It's all about Swadhisthana chakra....getting fluid and creative to navigate the obstacles on our path with ease and adaptability! 75 mins of finding and moving with your flow!


Daring Greatly

This 75 min Beginners was inspired whilst I read Brene Brown's incredible book Daring Greatly. If you haven't yet read it then please do!

Brene encourages us to see welcome our vulnerabilities and see them as our strengths. Such an inspiring read!

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