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A 30 minute slow gentle practice where we focus on healing the heart.  

Wether you are working through grief, heart break or your heart is heavy this practice will help to bring more space, awareness and healing to the heart centre.
You will need two yoga bricks and a bolster (or a few folded blankets) and we end in savasana where you have the option to stay as long as you'd like.

A beginner level 75 min practice that helps to awaken and strengthen the lower abdomen, home of the Swadhistana chakra -The energy wheel that governs our desires, passion and creativity!


The first class/podcast from January 2015! 

An asana journey through the chakra's together with mini meditations/contemplations for each chakra.
This a gentle 60 min practice will help you become clear of your intentions for the new cycle.

Tunes by DJ Taz Rashid - Earth Vibe Mix.  Like it? Sign up to YogiTunes.com

This 75min class was recorded just before the September super moon.

The story of Vishnu's shape shift into a tortoise is interweaved into the beginning of the class and we move slowly towards tortoise pose (Kurmasana)

A 10 min meditation to help transition through from late Summer to Autumn.


A 30 minute practice to help establish a connection with the breath and develop a steady, grounded foundation. This sequence may help when you feel particularly stressed, anxious or depressed.

You will need a few props for this practice:
Wall space, a bolster or two folded blankets, 2 blocks or thick books with the same depth, a sandbag or heavy cushion, a pillow/cushion

Join this 90 min steady vinyasa flow to offer to the transformational fire anything that is no longer of service so you can enter the new cycle with clear insight and intuitive vision!

We'll welcome the radiance of the sun into our hearts and feel the glow from the inside out!
Enjoy xxx

Lunar Flow

Recorded just before June's full moon this podcast is a fluid 90 min vinyasa to help open fully to the lunar energy in Sagittarius.

Big thanks to the influence of Shiva Rea in this practice and to the words of wisdom from Rebakah Shaman

A short 30 min sequence that builds to tree pose.  

In this sequence we open the hips, strengthen the ankles, calves and build a stable foundation in our roots whilst lengthening the trunk and rising towards the light!
A creative sequence that is perfect for the days when you need to cultivate clear focus, steadiness and calm.

Core Cultivation

A 90 minute practice that aims to ignite the inner body to support the outer body!

As we awaken the subtle energy body we'll create warmth from the inside out and move steadily and easefully to connect with manipura chakra and our core muscles so stimulating the digestive fire.

You will need a yoga strap and a brick for this practice.
Enjoy connecting to your inner warrior!

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