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As requested from Therapy Thursday on my Facebook Page - Blue Lotus Yoga with Jill Amison - Here is an 18 min restorative yoga nidra. 

Perfect to use pre-bedtime to relax, after work so you can move into home time de-stressed or perhaps even during a flight when travelling.

Ensure you retreat to a silent space where you won't be disturbed and are warm and comfortable.

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This gentle 45 min practice is focused on the low back.  The sessions aims to open and strengthen the low back area by creating space around the lower lumbar & sacral area and toning the postural muscles in a reaxed and gentle way.

The soft movement is followed by a replenishing mini yoga nidra.

You may need a yoga strap, bolster and blanket for the modifications and more comfort during relaxation....Bliss out!!

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